Terms And Conditions

  1. No condition or warranties other than herein specifically set forth shall be implied or deemed to be incorporated or form any part of any contact of hiring.
  2. E.M.T. hire co (hereinafter called "the company") will ensure that all equipment which it hires out is reasonably fit for purpose for which hirer in intends to use the equipment.
  3. During the hire period the hirer shall be responsible for and indemnify the company against all claims, cost and charges statutory or otherwise be any person whatsoever for injury to person or property caused or in connection with or arising out of the use of the plant or damage to the plant, during the hire period fair wear and tear excepted. The company will not be liable for consequential damages.
  4. The hirer shall not repair or attempt to repair the equipment without the express consent of the company and no allowance for the hire charges or costs of repair will be made by the company unless such repairs are specifically authorised by the company.
  5. During the period of hire the hirer shall be responsible for the safekeeping of and shall as necessary oil, grease and clean the equipment and use it in a workmanlike manner and for the purpose for which it is intended to be used and will notify the company of any breakdown or failure in the equipment and shall permit such inspection of the equipment as is necessary by the company.
  6. The hirer shall properly use and maintain the equipment in a reasonable condition whilst under their control or their employee or agents and if the plant be continued in use by the hirer or their employees and agents in an unsafe and unsatisfactory state, the hirer shall be solely be responsible for any damage, loss or accident property or person whether directly or indirectly arising therefrom.
  7. The hirer's responsibility is to satisfy themself that equipment being used complies with current safety regulations.
  8. The hirer's shall not allow any other person than themself to use the equipment and if any damage, loss or injury whatsoever is caused by the equipment whilst being used by any such unauthorised person then the hirer will be solely responsible for such damage, loss or injury.
  9. If due to hirer's negligence, misdirection or misuse the equipment suffers any breakdown the hirer shall be responsible for all loss and damage incurred by the company except where the breakdown is caused by fair wear and tear consistent with the equipment being used for the purpose for which was intended.
  10. The hirer shall be responsible for all loss and damage to equiment during the hire period and/or whilst the equipment is being transported at any time by the hirer between the company's premises and the hirer's site.
  11. Assistance to be available for unloading and loading equipment at hirer's specified address, otherwise charges may be made.
  12. All equipment remains the property of the company unless otherwise agreed and full purchase price paid.

General Terms

Rates - Subject to alteration without notice

Payment - Strictly payment in advance except in certain cases where a credit account may be authorised.

Deposits - Required on each item in addition to rent. This is refunded on return of equipment, less any charges.

Transport - Delivery and collection can be arranged and is charged according to distance.

Return of equipment - Equipment should be cleaned before returning and ready for transportation if collected. Charges will be made if necessary.

Hire period - This commences from the time the equipment becomes the hirer's responsibility and ceases when it is collected or returned to the company premises.